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20 June 2008 @ 05:18 pm
[RP] Conflicting Ideals  
When all had been made to choose, the master began his work.

Many wondered if it was God who created them that way, an almighty being that blessed these special individuals--or cursed them. Some would say that science was at the root, a malfunctioned experiment, a mutated gene. Some say it was history, a being formed from the beginning of time, hiding amidst the flocks of people amidst the years.

Some called them vampires--lurking in the night apart from prying eyes. Some called them heretics--those who practiced witchcraft. Some called them monsters--surreal beings who did nothing but harm man. And some called them freaks--different and feared.

But amidst all who feared them, they hid. They hid behind colorful costumes, bright lights and stardom. They were loved by all.

Too loved, in fact. And there was one man that was the epitome of this love.

How he knew about their powers remains a mystery. Why he wants them to himself remains hidden as he is. He longed for their powers, he longed to use them for his own selfish desires. For years he watched them, studied them and their powers. He kept his research in a computer, a server hidden in the depths of Tokyo.

The day had finally come when his research came to an end. He needed his specimens to further his studies, and he had formulated a plan to get them. It was in a form of a virus, one that he would send to all those he needed.


it was one word in one email. And as the old master hit enter to send out his mail, his plan had begun.

I'm coming to get you. -God.
yunnie_ah on June 23rd, 2008 09:20 am (UTC)
The door bust open and almost immediately, Yunho, with all his mental strength, held them three men in place. Three. The other four must have been after the rest of the group. He couldn't let that happen. And yet what could he do with all his strength and focus set on the three he now held still in space.

"Jae..." he managed to mumble without breaking his concentration, "Jaejoong, go help the others..."

Yunho wasn't confident about his fighting skills, not with opponents who held weapons that would slice him in half with one fluid swing. He wondered how long he would last like he was, or if he would still have the energy to stand after the stunt he was pulling with his powers. But he knew he couldn't let his band mates down.

Oh we can so do this, Yunho. Okay, so maybe he was a little too confident with himself. Too confident indeed.