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04 June 2008 @ 01:16 pm
Mun Information:
Your Name: Da-chan
Your LJ: x_princevaliant
Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN: KingLunatic117

Muse Information:

Muse's Name: Choi Seunghyun // TOP
Muse's Band: BigBang
Muse's LJ: uptempohero
Muse's SN: tempobeatmaster
Muse's Power: vitakinesis, manipulation of electromagnetism and gravity
Muse's Limit: He cannot heal himself, and he needs to exert energy when using his powers. Like any ordinary human being, he has a limited energy source, which means he could get very tired or even pass out after using his powers.
History of Power: He had always been known as 'the fat kid'. It wasn't a bad thing, though. The other kids actually thought he was cool, and he earned everyone's respect after revealing his talent in rapping. Still, there was a small group of few who laughed at him and ridiculed him whenever they had the chance. He was walking home from school when those kids passed him by on their bikes. Seunghyun could hear them laughing at him and saying things that were mostly aimed at getting him angry. He tried to keep his cool, but it wasn't long until he could feel the anger rising within him. One of the kids stopped and bent over to pick up a piece of scrap metal and hurled it at Seunghyun. The latter turned just in time to see it. He closed his eyes and prepared to be hit, but seconds later, all he heard were screams of what could only be shock and terror from the other kids. When he opened his eyes, he saw one of the kids lying on the ground and bleeding profusely from a huge cut caused by the scrap metal hitting him on the head. The kid's companions bolted from the scene, leaving Seunghyun and their bleeding friend. Seunghyun was on the verge of panicking, but he went over to the other boy's sprawled, unconscious body. He placed one hand over the wound on the kid's head. Just as he did, he felt a strange surge of energy in his body. He felt weak all of a sudden, and his surroundings seemed to be spinning out of control. Before he knew it, he had passed out. Seunghyun opened his eyes and found himself lying on the ground next to the other guy, who was now trying to sit up. Seunghyun looked up and saw that the cut on the kid's head was gone. He quickly sat up straight to say something, but the other boy had already stood up and sped away on his bike.

Comments: Uhh... Baluga. LOL.
x_kamisama on June 5th, 2008 04:14 am (UTC)