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27 May 2008 @ 05:11 pm

Mun Information:
+Your Name: Danielle
+Your LJ:

+Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN: princehannie

Muse Information:
+Muse's Name: Han Geng (however, you'll see me calling him Hankyung)
+Muse's Band: Super Junior / Super Junior M
+Muse's LJ: multi_hannie
+Muse's SN: princehannie *yeah, the same kk*
+Muse's Power: Shapeshifting into anything *as long it's solid / made of materia* & Ability to transfigure objects using his hands.
+Muse's Limit: There's a time limit for whenever he transforms himself. The limit, however, is unpredictable. When he turns into an animal, it generally takes longer for the transformation to end. When it's an object, it can be at anytime, so he has to be careful and not count too much on it. Eventually, he can learn how to make the transformations last longer. Also, when he transforms himself in any object, he will be just as fragile as the object he turned into. If it breaks, for example, he will suffer all the damages on his own body, and it can be very dangerous. About transfiguring objects, he can only make them perfectly if he has the perfect mental image of said object, on the contrary, it'll be flawy.

History of his Power:

Hankyung only found out the reason why his father was so good with fine arts, when he one day tried sculping on clay, like his father had been doing throughout his entire life. When he got the malleable material in his hands and thought of what he'd be sculping, the clay instantaneously took the form of the object he had in mind, not perfect but still magically well made. He couldn't believe it, and the first person he looked for was obviously his father, who ended up telling him about his family's hereditary condition. Not that it was bad, at all.

But that wasn't the only thing he didn't know about his ancients and his family.

There was also one day when he was playing with his only pet, a dog. And then his mother came to look for him in the garden, finding two dogs instead. Hankyung didn't know why his mother called for him, looked at his direction when he responded, but went back inside the house like ignoring him and moments later, came back with his father on the tow. He had a mirror in hand, and Hankyung watched idly as his old man stopped in front of him and showed him the mirror, the reflection of a dog identical to his puppy staring back at him, with the same mismatched eyes as he knew his own were at that moment.

And many years after those two rather peculiar events, Hankyung joined Super Junior, and thought he wouldn't have trouble keeping his little secrets safe. And the many things he had done and seen while taking advantage of his abilities... they were something to be kept safe above it all.

Comments: Baluga is similar to "Baleia", and they mean the same thing: Whale~~  
x_kamisama on May 28th, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)